Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goosebumps all over

With NZ in Spain and Switzerland for business this past week, I had very little, if any facebook and blogger access. Go figure, the ONE week I don't have daily access, I miss the news that one of my best blogging friends is HAVING A BABY!

I am beyond words thrilled for a fellow baby loss mom and her husband that I've never met in real life, but if our blog entries, pinterest pins and email exchanges are any indication---we'd surely be admitting ourselves to DIYer's anonomous and getting into all sorts of crafting trouble together if we lived close to one another.

I "met" Kerry through the baby loss community about a year after I lost Denise. When I first began reading her blog, she had just lost her daughter and almost her own life due to HELLP and Pre-Eclampsia ( scary stuff). I liked her writing style, her outlook, and could really identify with her.

From there, we became blogging friends, and although many of us have had our so-called "rainbow" babies ( babies after loss), she has been patiently waiting for hers.

And her time has come...

... I am beyond words, legitimately happy for her...she and her husband have been matched with their baby girl, who shall arrive in December!

Congratulations, Murphy Family!

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