Friday, September 21, 2012

High Chair

Our little prince got a high chair today. While he and his pop had a boys morning, I hopped in a cab IKEA bound.

He's been eating out of the Anbebe chair I accidentally ordered off taobao this summer, but he is able to push off the floor/table/chair with his feet while sitting and tip himself backwards. Although a circus of fun for him--not so much for us trying to feed him, and obviously, it's a safety issue.

So, the time has come for us to give in and add another piece of baby gear to our apartment. So much for living minmally!

 I found a basic high chair at IKEA. I like that it can be broken down, wiped clean and has both a tray and safety belt. For it's price, I won't mind finding someone to give it to when he outgrows it. He also has a Brica travel booster that we will switch to when he is old enough to sit at the table with us, and then we'll be able to streamline the baby gear once again.

As soon as I got it home, NZ went to assembling, with help, of course.
Dada, I helpz you.

Fit for the prince.
 Now we can all enjoy a safe meal time, and he can start to self feed from the tray. We tried some self feeding this afternoon, and all we ended up with was mashed banana backwash in his sippy cup.

Later, gnocchi. A bit more successful , but still a mess.
It's a start.

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