Tuesday, August 7, 2012


NZ and I both received this text on tonight:


Yeah, exactly.

What's up?

Copy. Paste. Bing translate.

"Typhoon Orange warning: strong typhoon anemones August 8-would seriously affect the city, gusts of 10 levels, rivers and Lake 11-12, accompanied by torrential rain to downpours note wind rain to ensure security. [City Meteorological Bureau]"

Oh, Typhoons.

That's what.

Go figure we both have plans tomorrow. Me and Sal, a playdate at the indoor park, and NZ has a train and flight to catch. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

***EDIT(8:57a)*** NZ's flight has been cancelled. He will postpone travel until next week. Sal and I, on the other hand, are still park bound. Keeping a child inside an apartment on a rainy day is just asking for trouble. So far, just heavy rain and wind, but nothing scary.


  1. Yikes! New natural disasters. Oh, what fun.

  2. Organized country to have texted weather warnings!

  3. AT least they gave you a heads up !!! More then we get here.... and when the weather man does hes usally wrong :P