Thursday, August 2, 2012


This post almost doesn't need a narative...but I'll give one anyways, cause you know, I'm full of words.

Oh, we've got a curious little friend

He's thinking, " I've got to check these American made strollers out"

Good steering, maneuverability. Plush interior....Only one thing missing...a test ride.
And this is me, dropping my iphone to pull the kid out of the stroller.

                                   Yep. We got acosted by a 5 year old. It got to the point (after as stern NO! failed to get him off of Sal) that I straight up pulled the boy out with force, and started pushing forward to get away from him. His persistence was remarkable. He was back ast my stroller, climbing up the side as we rolled away. Again, I pulled him off, said Buyao ( Don't want!) and this time Sal and I made a run for it, rolling over the little guys Crocs. Without flinching, the little boy said, "Bye bye".

And off we went.

My guess is that he will make a really good TSA agent one day.


  1. That's freaking hilarious! I guess they (don't) teach personal space at a young age!

  2. OMG!!! On another note, your legs are amazing! Soo jealous!!!