Saturday, August 18, 2012

SEVEN months old

I'm a bit behind on this post, as I wasn't really thrilled with any of the photos from my attempt at Sal's 7 month pictures. The lighting in our apartment doesn't lend well to mid-day pictures, but I still haven't learned my lesson. I was hoping to get  new pictures later in the week--but to be honest, does it really matter?

For month seven photos, we went with Sal's pensive look. So serious.

He's got many faces these days. Our favorite new one debuted yesterday--and we call it the "fierce face". It's a funny smirk/smile/grimace thing and he does it when he is really excited. Maybe he will perfect it by the time his 8 month photos roll around.

This past month, he has sprouted his second tooth, and gone from crawling in reverse to an all out army crawl. He can get up and move forward on all fours, but seems to prefer the speed at which the army crawl gets him places more than the frustration of left knee-right hand, right knee- left hand for actual crawling. I find him EVERYWHERE that he shouldn't be. His newest infatuation is his laundry basket. He likes to tip it over ( it's very small--as everything here in China tends to be) and roll it around the house.

Sal had his first babysitter a few nights ago, and had a bit of trouble with it once he realized that his mama wasn't anywhere in sight. This is something we will continue to work on--I won't rush it, but I will keep attempting short stints away from him until he is comfortable being cared for by someone other than myself or NZ.

He weighed in at 7.5kg his last appointment which translates to 16 lb 8 oz. I do think the nurse was generous though---she let him keep a pee filled diaper on for his weight check. I asked to take it off for a more accurate weight, and she said to leave it on. So, I'm guessing he is closer to 16 lbs. Height wise he continues to grow about an inch a month and is 27" tall now! He's almost half his mama's height!
Sal's favorite crocodile

Another first for Sal this month was riding the high speed train from Wuxi to Suzhou! By car, it would take an hour---on the train--it took 15 minutes! He was a fantastic traveler, and I see more train rides in our future! Perhaps to Shanghai next time!

The sky's the limit for this kid!

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