Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Damn Bastard

I've got a secret.
I haven't told anyone about it, and I lead on like I know what I'm doing...
..I don't really know how to use our washer/dryer combo.

The Damn Bastard

At first glance, he's so pretty and new..and OMG how exciting to be able to dry our clothes in the same machine that washes more transferring from one machine to the other! But that excitement wore off by the time we took a maiden voyage together.

After FOUR, yes FOUR, hours of washing and drying, I opened up the machine to almost dry clothes. No biggie, I'll just pop them back in and add some time to finish drying...

And that's when I discovered that in order to dry our clothes, I would have to split my larger load into two smaller ones and run them through the wash cycle again....which would mean FOUR more hours for one load, and another FOUR for the second..and by this time my clothes would have taken a full 12 hours to clean!!!!!

This is no good.

So, I figured I must be doing something wrong. I asked my ayi to help.

Big mistake asking the woman who chooses to wash her rags in our muck sink vs using a washing machine. But, she tried to help out anyhow. She punched some different cycle buttons ( ah ha! there is a 50 minute ECO cycle option) like she knew what she was doing, and I thought to myself, alright, she rocks! That enthusiasm quickly faded as I watched her pour about half a gallon of TIDE , and at least a cup of softener in the bleach compartment...OH NO, this can't turn out well.....And with that load, I witnessed bubble-palooza.

Thank goodness our machine is outdoors. She not only cleaned my clothes ( which required two more cycles of rinsing--more on that later), but our floor as well. She's so sweet though--she came to show me the bubble fest and we both laughed and shrugged our shoulders.

Brie. Fail.

Ayi. Fail.

And, with her help, our load of laundry required two more cycles with NO added detergent just to get the over-soaped clothing residue free. She hadnt' set the dryer option, so thankfully that saved us some time, and after our three wash cycles were done, and my clothes still wet, but clean...I attempted one last time to dry them in the dryer.

 So, you know what this means....My clothes got washed a FOURTH time for the day, and I selected the longest drying time available..this time BEFORE my wash cycle started..

This. Has. Got. To. Work.( and I have go to go to bed)

..Seriously, who spends all day wrestling with one load of clothes? Apparently, this girl does.

The next morning I woke, expecting to open my machine to damp clothing, but to my surprise, they were dry!

Hallelujah, ya damn bastard.

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  1. The experiences you are having and it's good to see you are keeping a sense of humor. At least it was outside when it overbubbled. Do you and ayi have it figuredout now?