Saturday, August 11, 2012


Once Wednesday's typhoon rolled through (It was rated a 10/12 by the way!), NZ had to fly to Chengsha for business.

And as customary here in China, he was treated to some of Chengsha's best. He had his first taste of Baijiu, which is a special Chinese liquor, which, in the words of NZ, is "hardcore sh--". A few rounds of toasting with that stuff, and even the Irish men will be under the table.

But, I'm guessing Baijiu looked a lot more appetizing compared to this...

I'd have to be pretty sideways to drink this stuff!

Those are real snakes.
Marinating in liquor.
And people drink that stuff.
Fo' real?!

To help absorb the Baijiu, NZ was served a plate of fish. Looks like mackarel to me. Who knows?

He said it was okay.

I think I'm glad I wasn't at that table with him.

I'm game for Peking duck. Or gyoza. Or Dumplimgs. Or Dim Sum.

But I'm still not brave enough to try the seafood dishes yet.

Maybe I need some Baijiu first?

Then again, Baijiu may provide the liquid courage that leads to trying snake liquor...

Which would then result in the worst hangover of the century.

...and that would totally suck.

I'll leave the baijiu drinking and fish eating to the boys.


  1. Something tells me this won't be his last time drinking that stuff. Holy cow!

  2. Yuck! I can't believe anyone would even get near something full of snakes. Has your husband tried that yet? I'm with you. I'd stick to the less creative flair. LOL