Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wuxi Clinic

With both NZ and I on regular medications, we knew we should establish a relationship with a m.d. over here fairly early on. We had been referred to a Physician, known around these parts as "The Belgian Doctor". Word on the street was that she is only in Wuxi on Thursdays and quite busy, but that she is the best. I phoned the clinic on Tuesday this week, and we were seen Thursday afternoon. Our appointment was at 3:00p for both Nick and myself, and we were seen at 3:00p. I was quite shocked. I mean, I worked for a Doctor in my past life, and we actually did run pretty close to the scheduled appointment times, but that was not commonplace in the states. I was used to waiting at least 10-15 minutes minimum to be seen by my physicians.

Another thing I liked was that the physician came out an introduced herself to us and walked us back to her exam room. In the states, medical assistants or receptionists usually do the rooming of the patients. 
I walked away from our appointment quite happy with the physician we had been referred to. She was easy to talk to and seemed to understand our needs quite well. We had intended on asking her for a referral to a pediatrician, but in our discussion with her, we found that she sees many many expat children ( she is a Family Medicine Physician) and is willing to see Sal and follow through with our immunization schedule. Although we did not have an appointment for Sal scheduled today, she still asked us if we had any questions about him. He is due for his next checkup and shots next month, so I will phone the clinic and he will see her as his physician.
Checking the first medical visit off our list lets me breathe a sigh of relief. I was so worried that the standards of cleanliness and care would be lacking, but I feel pretty good about the amenities available to us here in Wuxi, and nearby Shanghai.

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