Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Months Old

Sal celebrated turning 5 months old last Wednesday. I'm a bit slow on posting ( oh--I don't know why?? Perhaps a move to China is to blame?)
but we took our monthly pictures on the same blanket from home, and I
tested out the new iron while making his 5 month onesie. I'm happy to
report that although I can't read a lick of Chinese, I figured out the
iron settings without burning the building down.
Anyhow, Sal has done quite a bit of growing over the past
month. It seems like he is learning at light speed these days. One
moment he can't do something, then the next he can. He had his last
weigh in just a few days before we left for China, and weighed a
whopping 13lb 10oz. With as much and as often as he eats, I'm surprised
that is all he weighed, but he's healthy, and thriving, so we won't
worry about our lean bean baby for now.
Speaking of eating, Sal started rice cereal this
past month. He grubs on it, and even tries to help me with the spoon.
Many meal times end up in bath times, but it's all about the experience
for messy as it sometimes gets. We still don't have a
highchair, so his Boppy has come in quite handy as a way to prop him
while feeding. He will get a high chair soon, but for now,he still can't
sit up without tipping over, so we will wait on purchasing one for a
bit longer.

His biggest accomplishment this month is the
development of his stink bug pose, bringing his knees up under his belly
while on his stomach, and then scooting himself forward. It looks like
the beginning stages of the army crawl. He can inch his way across the
floor already, and especially likes doing so while naked. Because, like--you know, diapers are so constricting, mom! I've
been stripping him down every evening and letting him go diaper-less
for a half hour or so to avoid diaper rash from the humidity out here.
Sal got his first real crib this past month, and he
sleeps like a champ in it. In fact, he has slept through the night for 4
nights in a row ( watch me jinx myself now). We're talking 7p-5a
without the dream feed or 3 am feeding he was used to.
We're looking forward to watching him grow, and have been so pleased with how he has adapted to his new surroundings.


  1. Happy 5 months old Sal! You are just so handsome and I know you are going to keeping mommy and daddy on their toes now that you are getting to move yourself around.
    Love you! Grama Sandy

  2. Oh. My. Heavens. That boy is precious. The first pick with Nick is too much. Love.