Thursday, June 7, 2012


We've now been in Wuxi for two and a half days. One of my biggest worries of traveling with an infant was how jetlag would affect us. We are 15 hours ahead of California over here, meaning night is day and day is night. Not the best situation while sleep training...but, we're doing well.

We all slept well the first night, with just two wakings by Sal. One of which Nick took, and the other one I manned up for. It really wasn't bad. He would basically eat, then fuss a little and go back to sleep.

Yesterday, we put him down at his usual nap times, and he slept easily. We made sure not to let him sleep longer than a normal nap, which was hard to do..all this time I have been hoping for the day he'd nap longer than an hour, and now, here we were, WAKING a sleeping Sal after a mere hour and a half nap. I had heard this was the way to go when trying to get babies situated with a drastic time change.

I think it's working.

We're tring to keep his schedule the same as it was at home, even though the world has spun around on him. We kept our routine of diaper change, sleep sack, feed and bed for nap time, and bath time before bed at night.

I do admit though, that Last night, he was up every two hours. I can't really complain over one night of sleep difficulties considering how much we've asked of the little guy.

Anyone have any other tips on helping a baby through jetlag?

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