Thursday, June 21, 2012

Give Peas a Chance

This week we asked Sal to give peas a chance.

I had this grand ol plan to introduce veggies first, and work our way towards sweeter fruits, etc.
We're still getting our footing and learning what it safe, and not safe for foreigners to purchase locally, and what should be imported. Veggies, unfortunately, are one of the items we've been warned about. So, due to lack of selection of imported produce, I settled on frozen peas. I had hoped to do green beans or asparagus first, but peas were available, so that's what I intended on introducing first.
From the face on Sal, you can see how he felt about giving peas a chance.
Not a fan.
Even worse, mom and dad laughing in the poor guys face..that was, until I tasted them myself and they were the bitterest peas I have ever had in my life. Poor guy!
Determined to introduce a solid this week, I scavenged our freezer and found a frozen banana. 
Yes, Mrs. I-won't-serve-my-kid-fruit-before-veggies, did just that. Aborted the whole pea mission after two bites ( which were promptly sent back my way), and gave Sal his first bite of banana. It went over much better. He's still not sure of the texture, but he did allow for more than two spoonfuls and ate it again this morning mixed with his rice cereal.
Parent fail or parent picking-and-choosing her battles? I rate myself somewhere in the middle.
I won't give up on peas just yet, and I am on a mission to find a different brand of peas before I subject Sal to any more.There's a TESCO in town, as well as a CityShop in Shanghai which delivers to Wuxi once a week and tends to have great fresh produce imported. It's pricey, but if the peas are good, they'll have me hooked.
Next week we're going to try Sweet Potatoes. Our neighborhood is scheduled for a two day blackout next week, so I am leary of making a huge batch of anything, since our freezer will be out of commission for 2 days. (Welcome to China!) We are moving our frozen and refrigerated goods to a friend's place, and we will probably find shelter in a hotel, since it is much too hot here on the 25th floor with a baby and no A/C.

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