Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With two weeks in Wuxi under our belt, we've already met a handful of other expats in our complex, and are feeling very welcome here. Tonight we went on our evening walk around 5:30p which we've found to help keep Sal entertained and awake a bit longer. As we approached the playground we both exclaimed, "white people!" and I'm pretty sure the couple with the cute little boy on the slide did the same. Seconds later, we're waving at one another and exchanging formalities.

And guess who has a dinner date with new friends on Friday night?

These guys.


  1. Yeah, so glad you're meeting people so soon! Cute pic!

  2. We know you will make some good friends while you are there who share an experience of living in a country that is so very different from our culture and speak a different language. I know you will learn some Wuxi-ism too while you are living there. I love SKYPE which allows us to keep connected with you all and I love your blog that helps keep us updated. Mom/Grama