Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aye, Aye, Ayi

Tomorrow we meet our ayi. As a perk for uprooting Sal and me from our home sweet home and all the household duties that went with it, NZ has hired an ayi to work for us. Ayi is the term used over here for a household helper; someone who may cook, clean, launder, run errands or even watch children.

He went to the local agency yesterday and we've been appointed a 41 year-old woman with a clean bill of health and no problems with the law. I guess that's good enough, right? I have no idea what makes a good housekeeper, or how to "teach" someone how to clean "my way". So, for now, I've made a list of duties I'd like to have her take over, or share with me ( I actually do enjoy some housework).

It's really weird for me to think of someone else doing what has been my "job" for so long. However, having her here to help will allow me to spend as much time as possible raising Sal and making sure Nick has everything he could possibly need. It will also allow for me to Immerse myself in my sewing (during nap times of course) and other things like working out that I enjoy but rarely have time for these days.

We're also hoping that she will interact with Sal and speak mandarin to him. I'm not sold (at all) on leaving him alone with her, but I do hope that in the few hours she is with us each day, that she and Sal form some sort of relationship so that he will head back to California bilingual.

I joked with Nick this morning that he might be creating a monster...I might like having help so much that I'll expect a housekeeper when we return to the states! He then jokingly replied, " I can call and cancel her. It's not too late.", lol.

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