Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shoeless in the city

I've been really making an effort to enjoy this "time" of freedom, without kids or pregnancy for the past few months. Most days, I don't enjoy the so called "freedom" because the "freedom" I stumbled upon has not been by choice. If we had our way, we'd be chasing our own genetic spawn around...I'd be free of the " I wonder what they'd be doing now" thoughts about our babies that infiltrate my brain umpteem times a day..Enjoying the "freedom" is definitely easier said than done, but with the help of our friends, we've had some rockin' good times since the new year rolled around.

Last night was one of them.

And as expected, the night ended shoeless for one of my besties and me, reminicent of the many nights we walked home from the bars during college...only this time we were spoiled by the BHE ( best.husband.ever) for being our escort and D.D., and by J&J for joining in the dance floor fun.

Awesome weekend.


  1. Love those type of nights!!!

  2. Ahhhh. I love this!!!! Looks like a good time!