Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vrooom! It's party time!

When a friend of ours said that she was having a dual Birthday party to celebrate both of her girls' Birthdays..and that it was at a local go-kart speedway, I jumped at the opportunity to "play" with fondant and make race car themed cupcakes. I used the tutorial from Cake Journal to make the race cars, and the rest I just flew by the seat of my pants.
The girls will be ( or shall I say are, before they correct me!) NINE and ELEVEN this year, hence the race car numbers of "09" and "11", which were so simple to make, using an alpha-numeric fondant cutter set that a friend sent me for my birthday ( such an enabler, she is!).
The checkerboard proved to be the most challenging aspect of my project, and I will honestly say I am not happy with how those turned out, but it is what it is, they are what the are..and I tried to hide it best using those cute little race cars..Cute little race cars fix everything!
I enlisted the help of the eleven year old earlier this week..She baked her own cupcakes..and hinted towards wanting to decorate them with me. I told her that the decorations were a surprise, and that I didn't need any help this time around...I knew I would be in for it for the next two nights, and I was soon as I get home from work, her cupcake radar goes off and she's knockin' at my door asking me what I am doing..I've had to pull my A-game out in terms of distraction techniques, and hiding the fact that I have actually been working on them..I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't peering through a window somewhere ( this is the same little girl that used to crawl through our cat door when we first moved in), and I can tell she just.can't.wait. The suspense is killing her..
So, tomorrow, the suspense for Miss A. will be over..for the rest of you in the blogosphere, here they are tonight!
Hopefully I win the checkered flag with these tomorrow night..or even better, the smiles of two happy Birthday Girls!


  1. Love 'em... the girls will be super excited

  2. Love them! I'm going to try your recipe for cakeballs. wish me luck! LOL

  3. SO awesome!! Signed 'the enabler" ha ha

  4. No doubt that they are going to love them. They turned out great and so personal.