Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I decided, as of yesterday, in my groggy, anesthesia-esque state, that this whole "journey" to parenthood (insert sarcastic tone here) is more like a fricken Steeple Chase. You clear one hurdle, only to have another under your feet before you can fully prepare yourself..and we try our best to jump it and hope to clear it so we can be better prepared for the next one..
Well, yesterday, we jumped the big hurdle ( the one with the puddle of water after it)..the one my short little legs would never in a million years clear without the help of a good coach, or husband or fans (aka. friends)to help me through it.
A while back, we learned that I was born with a congenital issue which could be contributing to my multiple pregnancy losses. We have spent the past three months, pacing, sprinting and hurdling when needed, to clear the insurance company red tape and multiple diagnostic appointments I had to undergo in order to determine which procedure would be necessary to correct my issue.

And well, happened. I had my much anticipated surgery, and the Doctor told NZ that it went well, and that our odds are much improved and we now feel more confident that we will succeed in this race and bring home the Gold! ( a baby..or two..or three...or a litter if NZ has his way). Now I just need to rest and recover and we'll be back on the track.

I am recovering well, and thank those who sent well wishes, magazines and candy to keep me busy during my post-op period. I am groggy and slow, but overall, feeling pretty happy with how things are progressing. I even hope to return to work within the next day or two..One day into daytime TV and I am so over it! Price is Right is just not the same without Bob Barker!


  1. Well said sis!
    Love to you both!

  2. Oh gosh - I hope you have a speedy recovery (and obviously I hope this is wildly successful for you).

    Ummm - yeah Drew Carey tries - but the show is just not the same. Let's Make a Deal without Monty Hall is much more displeasing to me (ah- work will be nice!).

  3. Sending you hugs and wishing you a healthy speedy recovery.

  4. great great news Brie! hugs!