Sunday, March 21, 2010

Preppy Plaid & Anchors Away

Two of my newest Amy Butler creations.

Thanks to fellow blogger and "all-things-nautical- lover", Ashley , for the inspiration behind this bag, and my newly-resurfaced love of the red, white and navy motif. In fact, I have to laugh, because I was the kid in school that wore the same outfit every day while in Kindergarten. I was in love with this red and white striped boatneck shirt, which..surprise, surprise, had a blue anchor patch on the chest. I wore it out..or my mom threw it out..maybe it just got washed to pieces? Mom had to tell my teacher that I did own OTHER clothes..but I was happy as a clam in that old anchor shirt.
The second bag is Preppy-Plaid-meets-the-Easter-bunny.
I went with my sister, Stephanie of Sweet Creations( pictured below) to Downtown LA on Saturday and shopped my heart out amongst the many fabric wholesalers down there. There was soooo much fabric..and Michael Levine's carried all my faves...Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Heidi Grace, Michael Miller, MODA..I could go on and on.. if it weren't in the center of Skid Row, I may have mistaken it for a sew-er's Heaven for a brief moment.
We finished off the trip to the Textile District with a stop off in Calabasas for cupcakes from Crumbs bakery. My favorite was the Toffee Coffee Cupcake, which didn't reaaaally taste like coffee, but the toffee bits and pieces were to die for.
So, now that I have made about 9 or 10 Amy Butler bags, I'm wondering...To ETSY, or not to ETSY? It's still fun to make the bags ( and aprons) now, but would it change if I were making them just to sell them...with no one in mind? Decisions, decisions. Chime in if you have an opinion.


  1. You know opinion... YOU KNOW IT... do it.. GO FOR IT... nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... cause I wanna go back to Skid row, I mean... LA Textile District. I'm making my list for our next trip.

    Sell 'em..on ETSY

  2. super-super cute! You are my domestic-diva idol.