Sunday, May 3, 2015

Light at the end of the repatriation tunnel

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Six months after repatriation, and we are still in transition. I would've (and probably did) laughed at anyone who told me repatriation really takes 1-2 years until you feel settled again. 

I'm learning that it's the truth. 

We finally got started on our remodel plans. I naively thought that we'd have it done before we moved in and definitely before Gino was born. Truth is, contractors are busy, and stuff takes time to order and organize. 

So here we are, starting our projects in April. 

I'm so excited that it outweighs the fact that I'm bathing my kids in a storage container and calling my husband's workbench in the garage, my kitchen for now. 

Here's a before of our pink tiled paradise. I can't say I miss that or the linoleum floor that was yellow and pink. 
Here's our in progress:
Nick has been busy painting the walls this weekend, so that grouting and vanity and toilet installation can take place this coming week. We chose BEHR Cumberland fog for the walls. It's a (surprise surprise) blue tinted gray. I can not get over my fear of choosing the wrong color (anyone ever seen the one color I did choose for the kids room? Atrocious. Still living with it too!). 

Hopefully by week's end this bathroom will be finished and my kids will no longer have to share a 2x3 storage bin as a bathtub. 

I spent the better part of last week emptying out kitchen cabinets and finding temporary homes for my dishes and food. It was brutal, as I came down with mastitis on Tuesday night and the last thing I wanted to do was move boxes. But, antibiotics kicked in and my son's teacher allowed him to come to school for a full morning so I could get the kitchen empty on Wednesday. 

Thursday morning, my kitchen started out like this:

And a few hours later:
So yeah- this is my current kitchen. 

Floors will get polished this week (we are doing polished concrete) and plumbing and electrical should be done shortly after. Then it's cabinet and appliance installation and housewarming party time!!!!!

Stay tuned for the finished product!


  1. It is going to be so nice! Worth the wait

  2. Funny... I went to the doctor on Tuesday for antibiotics because I felt mastitis coming on (as I weaned Claire 1.5 weeks before). We were in Redondo Beach and I hit up my old doc for the antibiotics.

    Polished concrete... love that! Our basement used to be carpeted (which apparently midwesterners like but basements sometimes get water and who wants moldy carpet?) and we pulled it and had epoxy flooring done.

  3. so exciting can't wait to see the finished rooms! i bet you can't either. good luck mama.