Saturday, May 23, 2015


Turns out one of my kids has a food allergy. It was bound to happen sooner or later---I say this only because many of my fellow moms have children with allergies, so what's the likelihood all three of mine would escape infancy unscathed? 

Also, what's with the increase in allergies in our children these days? I don't remember kids in my elementary class not being able to have cupcakes or being told we couldn't have peanut butter sandwiches at school. 

Anyways, back to my kid. 


We had a rough few weeks of up all nights and when he did sleep he grunted so loud it even kept NZ up--which says a lot about the decibel level of his grunting. I chalked it up to colic, because again, statistically speaking, how would I be lucky enough to never have to deal with colic? He also had a mad case of acne. His entire face, chest and back were covered in a rash. 

In talking to one of Sal's classmate's moms, she suggested I have his diaper tested for a dairy/soy intolerance. 

Later that night,  I consulted Dr. Google and concluded with all my non medical school education, that we were dealing with a dairy/soy intolerance. 

Then came panic. 

What on earth will I eat if I can't have my Greek yogurt for lunch or a slice of baby bel cheese for snack?! I love cheese. Love love love it. What about my Taco Bell bean and cheese burritos?! 

Say it ain't so!

I started reading packaging labels and was floored to discover that my favorite breads, cereals, crackers all contained soy or dairy. 

We saw our pediatrician last week and she said to go ahead and continue the dairy/ soy free diet and in a few months we will try to reintroduce dairy and see how he reacts. 

After a few trips to the store, I've found items I can eat. Fruits, veggies, beans, hummus, naan, basically vegan except for the eggs. I purchased a vegan protein powder that's delicious and I'm supplementing with that. 

         Before & after cutting dairy/soy

I have to say, a few days into our switch, Gino started to sleep better at night and has had far less gas and grunting. His diapers went from being dirty after every feed to maybe every other feed. His face cleared up after a week and he just seems happier overall. It will take another week of being off dairy before it's all out of his system, but I'm hopeful that we have  found the solution. 

Going dairy and soy free has proven beneficial to me as well. I have more energy and feel healthier. I've been walking more with the kids and started working out with Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred DVD (pretty sure I won't be shredded in 30--but I expect my endurance to improve). My skin is clearer and my bloated feeling is gone. I'm hoping to hit my pre-Carla weight within the next month, as I'm already at my pre Gino weight this past week. 

I'm still looking to create a dinner menu of dairy/soy free meals so please share any recipes or links you may have. My sister in law shared a few so I'm off to a good start but always looking for more!

And to my beloved cheese.....farewell till we meet again!


  1. I am super allergic to dairy. Haven't had any in years. Text me!!

  2. Can't you have chicken, turkey,tuna, beef?
    what a difference a week made...good job mama.