Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gino is 2 months old

                                                        Two months old

I feel like we've hit the point where Gino's unpredictable newborn-ness has begun to wear off. Most days, he's formed a loose schedule that I'm feeling good about. Finally.

Lately, he's been waking at 4:30ish, and we've been feeding back to sleep until about 8:30 ( "we" as in "he"--not me--I wish!). This gives me a chance to get my big kids fed, dressed and started on their day. At 8:30, Carla goes down for nap, while Gino officially starts his day. He gets fed again, dressed for the day, and spends time on his activity mat or practicing his belly time. Sal loves to "help" with these activities, so it's nice to let the two boys spend this time together without having hurricane Carla rip through. 

                                                         Big. Little. Love.

Once Carla wakes, Gino eats again while the bigs have a snack. Then it's off to school/ park/ errands for the morning. I've been wearing G in the ergo for these activities, and he usually fusses a bit at first and racks out after a few minutes. So long as we aren't getting in and out of the car a million times, he usually sleeps through our outings. One thing is clear though- he is NOT a fan of car seats or riding in cars. He's sure to let us know each and every time.

After morning errands etc, it's another feeding and some floor time while I get the big kids fed lunch and down for naps. All three kids nap about 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Gino often sleeps 2-5pm, which again, gives me time to devote to the other two after they wake from naps. 
From 5-7pm, my house is a freaking circus. If you visit, wear a hazmat suit. There's sure to be a box of crackers scattered and ground into my carpet by my little hurricane, and small leaves/pine cones/shit that belongs outside dumped out of one of Sal's umpteen garbage trucks ( all of which act as land mines) when making your way over to sit on my snorted on sofa. There may or may not be a child standing in the table, helping herself to something she shouldn't be in--like my peppermill or a brand new container of raspberries. 

                                         If I ever offer you a!  
                      It's likely been dumped on my floor and repackaged a time or two.
We've started Gino's bedtime routine along side the big kids at 7:00. They go down at 7:30ish during summer, and he's usually fed and asleep for the night between 8:00/9:00 until 4:30 the next morning....then it starts all over again.

Gino weighed 10lb 14oz at his 8 week visit and was 23.75" long. He's already able to wear some 6m onesies and has the most beautiful blue eyes which continue to get lighter. Maybe it's a touch of Vendrame coming through?

                                  Will they be as blue as grandpa Jet's baby blues?

He still loves to sleep inclined, but we have been transitioning to sleeping flat for nighttime and his early morning nap. Nick and I will be losing our little roommate to his own room in the next week. I can't say I'm sad about his move across the hall. 
It's time. 
It's been time. 

We will ALL sleep better this way.

Other notable events in Gino's second month included being babysat by auntie Steph for an entire afternoon and a trips to Yosemite and Santa Monica to meet family & friends. 

                           Spending the day with longtime friend, Liz & family

He was a busy little boy!

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  1. He is starting to fill out a little more. Looking forward to seeing him again with those baby blue eyes!