Saturday, May 9, 2015

Swimming Sal

Sal and NZ have spent the last five weekends attending parent & child swim lessons at a local pool. 

I missed the first 3 lessons, but made it to his last two. Before he started lessons I was preparing myself for a screaming miserable child. 

 Why? Because he hates getting his face wet. He cries every bath when we wash his hair/face. He won't touch a shower with a ten foot pole. Why would a pool be any different?

The report from NZ after his first lesson was that he absolutely loved it. 

I had to see for myself!

Carla, Gino and I sat poolside the last two classes and lo and behold, my water repellent son had a grin from ear to ear that never left his face. He happily scooped water with his hands and kicked his legs. He easily let go of his dad and spent time with his instructor during separation time, and was probably the loudest kid in the pool screaming! while jumping into the pool towards his dad. In fact last lesson, he kept asking when it would be time to jump. 

So yeah-- my kid surprised me in such a great way. He loves lessons and can't wait for next session when he gets to go with an instructor and no parent in the pool. Carla will start with Nick next session and I hope she enjoys it as much as he does. 

I'm one proud mama. 


  1. :)

    B is no different. He flips the eff out when he spills water on himself, but he'll run in the pool and jump in without us anywhere around like he is a pro swimmer or something. We'll see about this summer (pool opens Memorial Day), but this summer is the summer of SWIM. That kid needs to learn, stat.

  2. Go Sal!! He looks like a natural! Also, I'm jealous you get to do lessons in an outdoor pool lol

  3. Grama is smiling ear to ear too! Way to go Sal