Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sneak peek

I was just looking through my posts of the last few months and realized that I never blogged about whether or not we found out the sex of the newest Zentil. Also, I never know how to "name" this one. Most would say it's Zentil number 3, but it's  not.. not even a number 4, I just keep calling this one the "newest Zentil" baby. 

Seriously, these are the thoughts that keep me up at night. Someone shoot me.

Anyways, yes...we did find out the sex back in early November while Nick was still wrapping things up in China. Sal was my chaperone for a very long and thorough ultrasound, and we were able to FaceTime Nick (at 3 am his time) when the gender was announced. I didn't have a feeling either way of what the baby was, but when I heard BOY, I do admit, I was more surprised than I thought I'd be. I guess maybe I did have a little hankering it might be another girl. 

But anyways, yeah--another little boy! 

We don't care either way, and never have...above and beyond anything else, we always wish for a healthy, developing baby. 

This week, Nick was able to join me at my appointment with my perinatologist--kid free--thanks to my sister using her day off to babysit. After my scary appointment at the OB last week, I had this feeling of doom and knew I needed him by my side in case my visit last week was a premonition or things to come. Thankfully, there was no need to get my panties in a bunch or lose sleep over anything. Chalk it up to poor communication and an OB that may not understand the fragility of a mama who has had a late term loss before. 

Baby boy weighed in between two and a half to three pounds at our visit. He's got all his parts, and everything is in working order. He had the hiccups during part of my ultrasound, and was none too thrilled to have us trying to catch a glimpse of his face or man parts. He kept covering his face with his arms, and crossing his legs every time the tech attempted to get a good shot. 

We did walk away with this memento after about five minutes of pestering him.

 That's a real live baby in there!

Countdown is on...only 10ish weeks to go!

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