Monday, January 5, 2015

28 weeks pregnant

Weight gain: 
16 lbs since the start. 2 of those in the last four weeks. Pretty proud of myself for not having a repeat 7lb gain month like I did in November. 

Maternity clothes? Yes. Sadly, my "end of pregnancy clothes" are already being maxed out so I'm pretty sure anyone who sees me the next two months will find me in leggings. They're pretty much all that fit comfortably. 

Stretch marks? None that I can see, but I can't see past my belly button anymore--so.......

Sleep: Aweful. I had dental pain that lent to sleepless nights up until last week (will have a root canal this week) and then a routine OB visit turned shitstorm at the end of last week that has had me obsessively performing kick counts in the wee hours of the morning. 

Best moment this week: Spent the weekend with NZ and the kids, running errands and getting our house ready to move back in to. It feels good to get back into American life with my family. 

       Patiently(?!) waiting for mama

Miss anything?: not that I ever get confident in my pregnancies making it to term, but I had been smooth sailing through my weeks up until my most recent visit and was actually enjoying this pregnancy more than my previous...having a scare last Thursday has definitely rattled me, although I think it was more than likely inexperience of the physician (baby was high and sideways and she couldn't find his heartbeat by Doppler, but had the audacity to say, " don't worry, your baby is fine. I just can't find a heartbeat")  Whaaaaaaaaat?! I ended up having an unscheduled ultrasound, to which she used words like "poor movement" and ultimately ended up going through back to back NSTs with my two kids bouncing off the walls and opening exam room garbage cans while I clicked away his little kicks and they monitored his heart rate. I passed the second NST with flying colors but still couldn't help but take home a lump in my throat with a feeling like something bad is about to happen. 

Movement: Yes. 

Food cravings: orange juice and chocolate milk

Anything making you queasy or sick: no

Gender: Boy

Happy or Moody?: Anxious. Hopefully my MFM visit will put my mind at ease this week. 

Looking forward to: moving back into our house midweek, and then getting through a root canal and MFM visit this Thursday! Big week!


  1. Woah, Brie! That's... a lot. Glad you had that ultrasound and NST, but that had to be super fun with the kids in the room. 10 weeks or less, right? That seems SO soon.

  2. Brie, I am so sorry that your week ended up going that direction. It is so scary for any mom, let alone with your history. Glad all is ok. Hope you find more peace this week in all that will be happening. Prayers that this pregnancy continues to be smooth sailing through March when he is due. Love to you and the family.