Friday, January 23, 2015

Linus blankets

When we had Sal, we tried the pacifier.

 It didn't soothe him.

After a week or so, we stopped trying and were somewhat thankful that he didn't care for them since I've seen friends struggle with breaking the pacifier habit later in their kid's life. 

He saved us a battle.

Carla was much the same. 

I'm guessing the next will follow suit. 

However, my two living kids have developed a soothing crutch. They are real life Linuses! They both carry these 12X12 minky blankets around the house all day, everyday. They get played with, chewed on and hidden, constantly. Taking them away for a weekly wash is a total shitshow. Tear and tears and more tears as they beat my washing machine with their fists. 

Both kids sleep with their blankets during nap and bedtimes and the rule in the house is that the blankets do not leave the house. I'm just not ready for that meltdown in a target parking lot after we realize the blue one has been lost somewhere in the store. 

Anyways, I haven't done much for our next family member. He will be here in about 8 weeks. That's like suuuuuuuper soon. 

Yesterday, I finally sat down at my sewing machine and cranked out a 12x12 of his own. If my older two are any indication, he will be toting one of those blankets around too. 

It turned out pretty cute!

We may not have diapers or a crib for him, but he will have his blanket!



  1. Hah! Same situation here. Only allowed in his room, in fact. I've even gone as far as tying it to the bed. We also allow for road trips and airplanes, just to keep traveling happy. But man. I was searching all through the house for this thing (only to find it stuffed in cabinets and baskets and inside of his play kitchen. So, banished to his room.

    p.s. I love seeing Carla's cue ball head. She and Claire are like kindred baby spirits.

  2. U and steph had favorite blankies but they were not this user friendly. Great idea on size