Sunday, January 18, 2015

One and Three

The kids both had birthdays last Tuesday, but on the actual day of, NZ was working, and I was having a come apart due to the fact that our power went out on the outlets that served my washer/dryer, both fridges and my oven and microwave. 

Not good. And no, it wasn't a breaker switch getting tripped. I wish.

Thankfully our neighbor is an electrician and within minutes, he had us up and running again by early evening. By then though, it was dinner, stories and bedtime.

No time to party.

Instead we celebrated with my family in Santa Barbara the following weekend. I took the festivities north since the kids have two great grandmas there, along with grandparents and aunts and uncles that don't see them all that often. I wanted to keep it simple since my kids really have no freaking clue what a birthday is, nor have they been exposed to how crazy American birthday parties have become (as of yet). I'm sure in a year or two, we will get a good dose of those.

But until then...


My sister made each child a cake of their own, as well as a small platter of cookies matching the theme of each cake. I requested an ombré smash cake in peaches and corals for Carla and she knocked it out of the park. Sal wanted a "roadwork" cake (his favorite book is called "Roadwork"), so my sister used the Wilton princess dress pan to make a hill and placed construction vehicles and roadwork cone candles on it for him. 


They thoroughly enjoyed their treats...


Carla was a dainty little thing picking at frosting and never really did get to her Sal helped her by showing off his knife cutting skills. He got a little carried away and annihilated her cake, but she didn't seem too bummed....she had still had cookies to eat.

After cake came presents. Carla got her first cabbage patch doll and Sal got some vehicles (of course). They played a while in my mom's back yard, and had a blast.


We finished up the morning with egg salad sandwiches and veggie chips that Sal had picked out to share with everyone. All in all, it was a beautiful, easy, no fuss celebration of my two little people with loved ones. 

Happy birthday to our wonderful children.

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