Friday, January 23, 2015

Sal is 3

Sal turned three on Tuesday the 13th!


He's been loving the temperate weather and being able to ride his quad in our backyard anytime he wants. He's finally embracing the outdoors and waits with baited breath for the neighborhood kids to get home from school each afternoon so they can play with him.


He's shed the last of his babyness and is a full fledged little boy. 

A little boy with a mind (and opinions) of his own.

A little boy who loves to tell us " I yuv you" a zillion times a day...balanced with "I don't yike you" a half dozen times a day. 

A little boy who prefers peanuts and strawberries for breakfast for the last two weeks straight. 

He often talks of "Tyna" (China) and refers to places we'd go, or things we did regularly. He's asked if we are going back to our home in China and when asked where he likes living more, America or China, he answers "Tyna". He will come around..if his smiles and laughter are any indication, he is doing quite fine back in America.  


We haven't done his three year old check yet, so I have no clue what he weighs or how tall he is. In my opinion, he's still a small fry. No extra fat to spare. He's wearing 3T clothes now, but loves to run around in nothing but his skivvies. 

Sal enjoys anything and everything with wheels, and this past weekend, he informed me while waiting at a stop light that when he's big he's going to have a pickup truck or a deep (jeep) with two motorcycles in da back. He then added that it would be a white deep..but changed his mind to orange, and then red like our neighbors. I love listening to his big plans.


He's been going to a "teacher and me" class which we refer to as school, once a week and is about to start two days a week this month. He's started playing with kids instead of just beside kids, although sharing is still a social skill in need of work. EVERYTHING is HIS. He's got a little (girl) friend at school that he plays trucks with and today he informed me that she wouldn't hold his hand and it made him sad.  

Is it bad that it gave me a laugh and broke my heart at the same time?

There's a crazy side to our three year old (he's made up a word, "bo-Banga!" which is code for, "I'm about to go apeshit crazy") and he definitely tests my patience on an hourly basis, but those moments when he crawls up on the sofa with his blue blanket and snuggles in next to me are worth their weight in gold. 

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  1. bo-Banga. Oh hahahahah. These kids are nuts! I hear the "I no want you to talk" and "I no want you" all the time from Benjamin...

    Pretty great to be a kid with your own QUAD to ride in your backyard. He will be telling that to his college buddies someday. :)