Thursday, May 29, 2014

Straw beads

It's not even June yet and it's already muggy and hot in Wuxi. I'm so not looking forward to another summer of swamp like conditions, but on the bright side, Sal is a lot easier to entertain at this age then he was during winter. 

Last weekend while at IKEA I ran across some thick drink straws and snapped them up for under two dollars. I brought them home and cut one of each color in 1/2 inch pieces. I figured they could be strung onto shoelaces for an easy beading and sequencing activity. 

At 28 months, Sal was able to string the straw beads quite easily, naming colors as he put each one on. I encouraged him to tell me what color he was going to put on next and plan to help him with simple color sequences soon. 

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