Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mexican-ish food in China

We had a van this weekend so we spent Saturday doing errands we have been putting off since returning from holiday. 

The morning started off at IKEA looking for office chairs and rugs. Exciting, right?

Halfway through IKEA we looked at each other and agreed that we needed food, quick. We've switched back to eating  non-processed foods again, which is great for our health, but leaves our stomachs growling for more every couple of hours. Our choices at IKEA were hot dogs, meatballs (horse meat anyone? Sal looooves them) or ice cream.

 No. No. And no. 

We made a dash for the checkout register and headed downtown in search of food. We had decided to try out a new (and the only) Mexican restaurant in Nanchansi, which is a nice little area along the canal. It was called Casa Zoe. 

It wasn't California Mexican ( where are my corn tortillas, yo?!), but it was surprisingly decent and the service was excellent. 

Chips, salsa, cheesy fries (did I say we are eating only non processed foods? Pretend I didn't just say cheesy fries then. Mmmmmm, Kay?), and fajitas. 

We will definitely go back--and were excited to see that they even had a breakfast menu! We have NEVER been out to breakfast in China (mcMuffins totally don't count), so I'm chomping at the bit to go back next Saturday to try it out!

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