Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Carla is FOUR months


Carla turned four months old on Tuesday. April was a big month for this lil bit...

Weight: 5.5kg (12lb, 2 oz)

Height: 62 cm (24.4 inches)

Size: growing out of her 3 month clothes, but not quite big enough to fill out any of her 6m stuff. I bought a size 6m tankini for her to take to Australia and the bottoms fell off even with a big diaper butt underneath. Instead she rocked a onesie to the beach better than Macklemore. 

Motor skills: She's on a roll! Literally. She has learned how to roll from her back to her belly. She rolls quite easily, but hasn't figured out how to get her arms out from under, so she gets quite frustrated. Since she has started rolling, I had to stop swaddling her for bedtimes and I can't lay her on my bed while I get things done in my bedroom anymore. 


She loves her play mat with the two arches over it. She can grab toys and make music. However, she has also found that rolling onto her belly and scooting forward with her stink bug pose can get her places. I put her down today and not five minutes later she was on the hardwood floors about three feet away. I have a feeling an army crawler is on her way.


Temperment: Generally very easy going. She is quite smiley most of the time. She usually only cries when hungry, and is easily appeased once fed. I've noticed some frustration from her lately as she is learning how to roll, but has not yet mastered it completely. Carla finds her brother hilarious. She tends to watch him around the house and smiles at him anytime he gives her the time of day.

Sleep: Naps are my nemesis but I'm trying not to stress. She still takes a nap in my ergo, but has no schedule. I'm guessing her morning nap is about an hour long around 9:30 or 10:00. I attempt to have her take an afternoon nap in her crib, but that is usually short lived. She will sleep for twenty minutes if I'm lucky. I know with consistency, it will get better, and she will eventually sleep longer during nap time. Her bedtime routine is basically bath time, a feeding and bed. I've kept it simpler with her than I did with Sal. So far it's working smoothly. Bedtime is 8:00ish and she sleeps until 7:00a. 


Feeding: I haven't started solids with her yet, but she is starting to show some interest in food when I eat. I'm not in a hurry to introduce solids with her like I was with Sal because she usually sleeps well at night, whereas with Sal, even being bottle and breast fed, was still waking once a night at this age. I wanted him to sleep through, so I jumped into solids as early as acceptable. I'm thinking I will start her with veggies at the end of month five if she seems to be interested. One surprise to me, is that she will only breastfeed. She despises the bottle and will act like we are torturing her if we even get one near her mouth. I've got a stockpile of formula we brought over just gathering dust. I'm not complaining, but exclusive breast feeding was never my intention. It's just worked out that way. I do sometimes wish she would take a bottle so I could hit the bottle (I'm joking. Sort of. Okay, not) for a drink or two without worrying she might wake and need to be fed. 


Cool fact: Carla earned her first passport stamp and logged some miles in the sky on our trip to Brisbane. She beat Sal to her first stamp! She was well fed during the flight so she was a model passenger. I look forward many more travels with her. 


  1. She is just so lovely! I think it's funny that she won't nap in her crib well but sleeps that well at night. We have the opposite problem-- girlfriend will nap anywhere I put her for like 2+ hours but refuses to sleep longer than 5 hours in her crib at night.

    They're lean little machines together! I weighed C on Wednesday (4 months) and she was 12lb6oz. Small ladies and just beautiful as can be. :)

    No rolling here yet. And it appears she could care less that we're all moving around her since she has no interest to join in on the fun. Carla looks so sweet rolled on her side there, like she's playing a game with you.

    1. Way to go Claire ( and mama)! Now you can tell anyone who says she's soooo little that she's the same size as your friends full term baby, born one day before (; its so funny how society wants pudgy little babies. I'm like sorry, i on,y make lean beans