Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big boy things

My little boy has been doing big boy things these days.

He decided that Cah (Carla) needed his highchair (even though she won't fit in it for a few months), and he could use his booster seat at the table when we eat. He likes to climb up and click himself in and requests a fowk (fork) like mine instead of his plastic one. 

But that's not all.....

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've read about the saga of my non-napping toddler. Last month, I switched things up in an attempt to get him excited about naptime again. The hour long wailfests in his crib followed by a walk in the stroller was not on my top 10 list of "ways to spend an afternoon". I spurred his interest in it by offering him the chance to read and rest in my room on the "big bed". 

There were two rules. 

No jumping.

No getting off the bed. 

He doesn't have to sleep, but he can't get off the bed. I set a mental timer for an hour. I figured that would be enough downtime for both of us to recharge. 

The first few days he chattered the hour away. BUT..and this is a big BUT....he did NOT get out of bed. By the end of the week I had a sleeping son again. 


It's been a month now, and although he doesn't fall asleep every time, we've managed to avoid the meltdowns and I think we are all happier for it. When he sleeps--it's usually 2+ hours. 

When we went to Australia, I used a hire company to rent a pack and play and stroller. I figured we would try the bed at night time for him, and if it failed, I'd stuff him in the portable crib and have Carla sleep on the floor (on the floor?!, I know...but have I mentioned how easy going she is?). I didn't really want to rent two portable cribs. Anyways...absolutely no problem. He went to bed and stayed in bed every single night. 

But, would it continue once we got home? Should we take the rails off his crib? Is he ready?

On Monday night, the Eve of his 28th month, NZ took the rails off Sal's crib.

With baited breath, we put him to bed.

Would he get up? Would we hear his Buzz Lightyear "to infinity and beyoooond!" going off at all hours? Would we need to install a baby gate in his door to keep him in? 

He slept. 

Like a baby.

A baby who's doing big boy things.

I'm pretty sure if we blink he will be driving a car next.


  1. Well there... you bit the bullet and now he naps! It's amazing what a little freedom can do for some people. For Sal it seems that he needed it to grow and make his own choices-- to nap oddly... which is the choice you preferred anyway.

    B really does great in his bed and we haven't regretted or looked back since our switch 5 months ago.

    They are growing so fast. Cliche, but really. It was yesterday when they were like our little C's...

  2. What a big boy! It is nice that he is cooperating with the new rules and choices. Hugs and kisses to him from me, his grama sandy

  3. Haha, your statement about blinking and him driving... my 3yo DID that a few months ago. I had him climb into the car (which he does by himself) and realized I had left the garage door open. In the few seconds it took me to enter the code, he had climbed into the front seat and put the car in neutral. I saw the surprised look on his face as it started going backward, down our driveway, and across the street before I could catch up, throw open the door, and slam on the brakes. Scariest moment of my parenting life. Many lessons learned. Anyway, be glad you don't have a car there! ;)