Saturday, May 17, 2014

She would be 5 today


Dear Denise,

Although the years fly by, it still feels like yesterday since I last saw your little face. You've got a little sister now, as I'm sure you know. In fact, her middle name is Denise and she is everything I dreamed you'd be like if you were here with us. I can't help but look at her and your brother and wonder.....what would life be like with the three of you? 

I'll never know, but I am certain of one thing. I still miss you all the time. 

Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl.


Mama & co.

P.s. We couldn't find helium balloons here in China, so auntie Stephanie let one go for you today. She's the best!


  1. Yes, Auntie Stephanie is the best auntie ever. I♥her. Your mama is the best mama too snd I ♥her too. Wish we could hav e watched you grow up. Someday when God takes me up to Heaven
    love, grama Sandy

  2. No helium balloons. Interesting considering I'm sure they are made there.

    I am very late... but I think it's wonderful that your sister remembers your first baby girl and of course that you remember her as well. I sure wish we were all able to meet her and learn all about who she should be today. <3