Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Split pants and Redbull

I've been spending much of this week with my friend Heather before she takes off for America for good on Friday morning. One of our favorite places to take our boys is a super nice (even by American Standards) indoor playground at one of the malls downtown. This playground is well supervised, constantly vacuumed and cleaned, diapers are mandatory and they sanitize the children's hands and take temperatures before they allow the kids to enter. 

In other words, we're not constantly wondering if the kid in split pants that just went down the slide has  spread his cooties everywhere or not. Believe me, we've seen poop on the neighborhood slide...and it's just as disgusting as it sounds! Finding this "clean" playground was like watching the clouds part and the sun shine through.

Anyways, Heather, Mimi and I took our boys to play yesterday. About an hour into our playtime, we spied a kid in split pants that had slipped through the security check. We tattled to the supervisor, who promptly went out and told the parent she must diaper her child. A bit later, said child was running around in regular pants (now his butt was covered, but whether he had a diaper on under or not I do not know). 

Just as we were recovering from seeing the split pants kid, I turned around and saw a mother pull her child's (a boy)  pants down in the middle of the playground and proceed to have him pee into an empty Redbull  can! Once he finished, she took the can over to the trash can inside the playground and dumped it. Heather saw it too and our jaws just dropped.

There is no shortage of "What the?!" moments here...that's for sure.

I'll never look at a can of Redbull the same again.

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