Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beautiful mess

So yeah, this is my reality.

I'd love to pretend my house is spotless 24/7 and my floors are always clean, but realistically, if you were to stop by my house unannounced, this is what you'd be getting. I highly suggest anyone expecting a clean house come right at 4:00 while my ayi is here cleaning, because it looks like this again within seconds of her leaving for the day. 

It doesn't help that it's been frigid here, and raining, and that I have a newborn that I want immunized before we head out into public. We watch way too much tv-I can almost quote the lines from Toy Story verbatim--I say that like I'm proud of it, but I'm not. I never intended for my child to watch so much television. 

Most mornings, Sal dumps a box of toys out (we rotate boxes of toys throughout the week to keep things "fresh"), throws them around a bit, then leaves them wherever they land. This morning, he added a "boat" to the mix, courtesy of his baby sister's bathtub.  There are usually empty sippy cups strewn across the floor and in between couch cushions. As you can see the cushions have been pulled off the sofa in favor of making it into a "slide". Carla kicks it over in a rock and play in the corner, safely out of harms way and my two year old tornado. 

And, pictured above is what I fed my son for breakfast today. I'm totally going for mother of the year this year, giving in to his request for leftover pizza this morning. In my defense, his plate also has cut up tomatoes and pieces of a homemade blueberry bagel. Along side his breakfast plate lie his favorite spider socks (which are still sitting there waiting for him to put on six hours later), pipe cleaner hearts that he destroyed within seconds of waking, and a pile of books that we have read five times today.

As much as I long for a clean house, worthy of guests, I also love this beautiful mess.

Life is being lived over here.

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  1. Umm, it looks pretty clean to me for a mommy with a 2 year old and newborn! My house is a million times worse, haha!