Monday, February 17, 2014

Clothespin hanging

It's snowing today. 

My toddler is stir crazy and I'll go crazy if I have to hear Caterina say "meow meow" one more time on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 

Sal likes to play with these plastic clothespins I bought for less than a dollar. I keep a few stashed in my diaper bag to keep him entertained during long restaurant waits and airplane rides. He usually pins them on our clothing and has fun removing them and replacing them elsewhere. 

I got them out to play with this morning and just as I did so, Carla started speaking the language of her people in an all out screamfest for food. The girl can eat, folks. Sal still isn't sure of her (mostly  only when I'm nursing now) so I was hesitant to have him climb all over me to put clothespins on my clothes with her in my lap. 

Instead I tied two lacing strings together and strung them between the legs of our coffee table. I gave him a can of pins and he went to town hanging them, removing them and replacing them. 

It's a great fine motor activity, quiet, and clean. Thought I'd share it with my fellow parents of toddlers because we all can use a few magic tricks ip our sleeve for those days when attention spans are short and energy is high. 

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