Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Have a kool(aid) Valentine's day

We have a valentine party to attend this week with our international club. There are quite a few members in the under 5 crowd, so Sal and I got busy in the kitchen this week making our favorite koolaid playdoh to share with his valentines.

Not only is the playdoh soft and pliable, but it smells wonderful too. We chose pink lemonade and grape so that our dough would be purple and pink. 

Here's the recipe:
1 pkg koolaid
1.5 TBSP oil
2 c flour
1 c water
1/4 c salt

Mix all ingredients together in saucepan over low heat until it forms a clumpy paste like consistency. Remove from heat and knead on solid surface until smooth. 

When it was all done, I rolled it out and let Sal cut out heart shapes. We then bagged them in sandwich size ziplocs (snack size would work too) to keep then airtight.

I cut out heart tags and wrote " valentine, you make my heart squishy . Love, Sal". With my help, he stapled his tags to the top of the bags. 

Now, if I can only keep little hands away from opening all of the gifts he made his friends, we will be set! 

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