Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Carla is 1 month old

Time goes even faster with the second child. I can't believe Carla is a month old already. 

This month has been a blur. 

In her first month, Carla...

...Sleeps in 3-4 hour stretches at night, with a couple of nocturnal nights mixed in (up from 11p-5a one night!). She's usually a good little sleeper though.

...Drinks 2 oz bottle per feeding or nurses for about 15-20min every few hours.

...Grew out of three pairs of newborn pajamas overnight!

...Still sleeps in our room ( despite me swearing up and down we would only do it for a few nights) in a rock and play.

...Turns her head during tummy time

...Is a super noisy sleeper! She snores and makes all sort of unique grunts.

...Loves to be swaddled

...Takes at least one nap in the Ergo each day

...Has been hit by big brother at least a dozen times, but kissed twice as much

...Is not a fan of the pacifier

...Became an American citizen! 


  1. Ah, Sal hits, too! B gives at least twice as many kisses too... but yeah.

    It's okay about the sleeping. I said she must be in the co-sleeper and we've been letting her sleep in her bouncer. Oh, the transition to crib is going to be a bear!