Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SIXTEEN months

Ok, so I'm over a week late on this post. 

Sal turned 16 months old just a few days after we arrived in California. Pretty cool considering he turned 15 months in Japan, 16 months in the USA and will turn 17 months in yet another country when we head to Indonesia next month for holiday.

At 16 months, Sal:

-weighs 25 lbs
- is 31" tall (up for debate-he was measured in China and his height varies by 2 cm depending on which nurse measures  him). Let's call it "ballpark 31 inches"
- wears size 5 shoes and 18 month clothing
- talks non-stop, and responds to questions, but still in his own babble. He says "uh-oh" and "yah" a lot.
- has started blowing kisses and waving goodbye at the appropriate times. 
- uses his right hand for eating (loves using forks) and coloring. Prior to month 16 he did everything left handed.
- loves trucks,or anything with wheels...and balls. He says "ball" quite clearly.
- mastered going down stairs, thanks to practice at grandpa Dennis' tri-level house
- tries to jump 
- loves the  "Talking Tom" app on iPad ( he got his first taste of iPad during our flight over to the US)
- eats chicken! After months of turning his nose up at chicken ( I don't blame him, Chinese chicken is blech), he devoured half a chicken breast at dinner. Add to his repertoire, pork chops and carne asada and we've got ourselves a carnivorous little guido. 

We spent month 16 on the go, and I have to say, he is one tough cookie. He has adapted much quicker and better than I had anticipated. Sure, flying with a toddler is NEVER cakewalk..anyone who claims it to be so is LYING. But, all in all, he did well on the flights we took, and has really adjusted well to sleeping in new places and in different beds. We have used a sleep sheep noise machine like our lives depend on it since birth, and I about had a coronary when I realized I had forgotten it last weekend at my grandma's. To my surprise, not only did he not protest the pack and play sleeping arrangement ( he barely fits lengthwise), but he also did well without his sheep! I think mama depends on the sheep more than Sal. 


One of my favorite things he has started doing is putting his arm over my shoulder and around my neck when I hold him before bed. I feel like it's his attempt at a hug. His little clutches are irresistible and I just have to give him a little extra squeeze before laying him down. It's so stinking sweet.

I love his many are just a few..

Fierce face

Silly smiling face

Serious face


Among his favorite things  to play with are brooms & dustpans. He can not resist sweeping when he sees a broom. He has my permission to sweep his little heart out-just hoping this phase lasts well into his teenage years! He'll make a good husband someday with his sweeping skills.

Sal also got his first taste of running free in a real back yard and I have to say, he was in heaven. We've spent many days and evenings just running amok in the yard, playing in a wading pool and blowing bubbles. If grass stained knees are any indication of fun, he's having a blast.

He's just plain awesome.

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