Sunday, May 19, 2013

Santa Barbara weekend

Sal and I went up to Santa Barbara for the weekend and spent time with my family. My dad and his girlfriend drove thirteen hours to see us! We're really starting to miss NZ, and the time difference doesn't help matters--but we do talk at least once a day. One more week til he joins us in California.

Here's our weekend recap...

We took a few walks at the harbor, watched a boat get launched and soaked up the ocean air. 
Grandpa Jet and Sal

We played with our cousin Wilson, and our new buddy Shane. Wilson and Sal are exactly one month apart, and Shane just turned the big ONE. It was great to get the babies together and let them play. I look forward to many more cousin dates in the future. 

Sal and Wilson

Shane and his grandma Maia, Sal and mama. Our families have been friends for two generations, and it looks like we're fostering a third generation of friendship with the boys.

On Saturday, I had my first solo mall shopping experience in 16months! Well, solo as in kidless. I brought my dad's girlfriend with me and we spent four hours shopping while Sal spent some quality time with his auntie Steph and uncle Julio. It was sooooo nice to wander from store to store without rushing. I even found a bikini for Bali. I've never loathed swimsuit shopping before, but now that I understand why so many women have such an emotional meltdown over it. I've finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight (took 16 months), but uhm, things don't look quite the same. Shhhhht ain't easy! I'm beyond grateful that I found one without a screaming child in tow.

Sal played in a swimming pool and had a ton of fun while I was shopping...

Uncle Juls supervising

With grams

With uncle J-rod

With auntie Steph, grandpa Jet and Mary

As the weekend wound down, we barbecued some chicken (oh ow I've missed good chicken!), adding in sides of corn and watermelon. My sister made some awesome ice cream sandwiches with ice cream from Rori's creamery in Montecito. If you're ever in the area, stop in. It's divine!

My dad left early Sunday morning for the long drive home, and I missed him as soon as his truck pulled away. No matter how old I get, its always hard to say goodbye to my parents.

Sal and I made our way back to Ventura County after an eventful morning. As I was loading up the car, he went toward the street and my grams tried to stop and re-route him. Unfortunately, they both took quite a spill and grams ended up in urgent care with some impressive looking wounds. Sal fared much better in the fall, as he walked away with some road rash to the scalp and some donut holes as a consolation (and don't- fall -asleep -on -the -drive -home -in -case -you -rung -your -bell, please please please, baby!) gift. 

I'm happy to report that although our Sunday started off with a scare, Grams is going to be okay, and better come up with a good story to tell! 

One week of vacation over, two to go.

Life is good.

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  1. I'm so glad I was able to babysit so you could have some kid free shopping with no worries.