Thursday, May 9, 2013

Awesome sauce

China is known for its fake markets, and faux-everything. Copycats. Whatever you want to call them. They are everywhere. Most fakes can be spotted a mile away. They are that bad. I'm talking UGG knockoffs with an UCG label, Gucci bags with the trademark red and green stripes reversed, Louis Vuitton spelled Vutton, and so on and so forth.

I get a kick out of all the screen printed shirts and hats I see around town. Sayings that make no sense, written in improper English, or screen printed as a mirror image. If I weren't so camera shy, I'd snap a picture of each funny one I see.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about baby carriers and I had mentioned I wished I had an Ergo instead of my baby bjorn (Sal outgrew the crotch dangler months ago), as sometimes it would be nice to carry him on my back. I have known of people who use an Ergo from time to time to carry their tired three and four year olds around. Granted you wouldn't want to carry your older child 24/7, but I like the option. The smaller footprint is nice as well. Especially here in china where store checkout lanes are narrow and barricades cause problems for stroller doting mamas.

Later that evening, after our conversation, I received an email link to my favorite shopping website taobao (its like amazon/eBay) for an Ergo at an unbeatable price. I looked over the advertisement, and compared it to the Ergos back in the states. Identical. But so cheap?! Something must be wrong with it.....well, we both ordered one, willing to "take a chance", and to my surprise, it's just like the ones from home. Is it fake? I don't know. Looks real. Feels real...and I'm in love.

Sal (25lbs) and I have used it a lot while playing tour guide to my sister who has been visiting the last two weeks. It's much easier than the stroller when weaving in and out of crowds, and I think he really enjoys the view from his piggy back perch.

This thing is awesome sauce.

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  1. Possibly a fake, but who cares! Hopefully you paid the "fake" price over the $100+ they go for in stores here!

    I was curious if ours was a fake once (bought at consignment store for $45) but it turned out to be real. However, you can tell by the label on the interior, zippers, etc. But seriously, unless you're planning to sell it for cash, it doesn't matter. It works and it's comfy, right?

    Sal seems to think so.