Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunset dining

We ate on the beach at sunset last night.

So romantic, right?

The driver that picked us up from the airport had given us his number in case we needed anything during our stay. We have used him a couple of times now-once to drive into Kuta, and again last night to go to a Jimbaran area live seafood restaurant. Turns out, his brother in law works there, so we had the welcoming committee during our stay. Everyone in Bali is so friendly.

Here are NZ and Sal picking out shellfish (none for Sal, he shared my fish instead) for dinner.

Here's the view from our table. The rain clouds were looming so we didn't get an ultra colorful sunset but it was still serene, none-the-less. So far it has only rained overnight, so we have enjoyed sunny days all week through.

Family picture in front of our table. Bet you thought I was lying when I said beachfront seating. Nope. This place is literally on the beach. Sand in your toes and everything. Doesn't get much more vacations than that.

And finally, a picture of yours truly, way too excited to have fresh red snapper for dinner. Living in China I most certainly do not trust seafood from the markets. Fresh, my ass. If I can't smell the ocean air from where I'm buying my fish, it isn't fresh. End of story. Call me spoiled, but being raised in Southern Ca and being married to a husband who goes fishing regularly, you get a little snobby about your fish. 

This stuff, I have to say, was legit.

Bali does fresh seafood right.

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  1. How beautiful! I can see Bali is treating you guys right!

    I'm a seafood snob, too. Living in Chicago even, I won't order fish unless it's being overnighted. Because yeah. We're nowhere near the ocean. And sushi? Riiiight.