Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the love of toilets


For some reason, Sal has been all about the toilet for the last few weeks. It started in Bali, when we would let him roam the hotel room naked after pool time, and he would go pull toilet paper off the roll and "wipe". It was all fun and games to him, pulling more and more paper off until there was a heap on the floor. He'd follow my husband or me in, acting as our own personal toilet paper butler.

It was cute. We laughed. I let it carry on.

It has since continued since our return to Wuxi. Now when I take his diaper off for a change or bath time, I tell him to go pee. He walks to our bathroom, opens the lid and stands in font of the toilet (never produces until he is conveniently in the bath water, but still...). He always needs his square of toilet paper, then throws it in the bowl, closes the lid, then climbs up to flush.

Today we had a miracle.

I heard a familiar little grunt.

My initial thought was "oh man, he's in a cloth diaper with no liner." Then I thought, why not try for the toilet? I ran, scooped him up and said to him, "lets sit on the toilet." So, I sat him on the toilet (with diaper on), then undid the tabs on his diaper, pulling it our from under him and he proceeded to poop! 


I was the proudest mama alive today. Hence my blogging about it, which will someday probably embarrass him, but it's the small victories like this that I don't want to forget, and I hope someday he reads this and understands how proud he makes us every single day. 

I don't expect this to lead to toilet training quite yet, as he is only 17 months but we are on our way to more independence!

A child size potty is on its way, and hopefully we have continued interest. 

Go Sal!


  1. GO SAL! That's incredible!

    We're not there yet either, but B is starting to gain interest in the toilet as well. He opens/closes and pushes the flusher.

    We think he dislikes sitting in his poop, so he's been doing it in the tub instead! As gross as that is (as he's never been a tub pooper), we think it's great that he's not comfortable with that being in his diaper and could lead to an easier transition.

    Anyway, GO SAL! That's one less diaper mama had to clean!

  2. Yea Sal! That's awesome! I sat Cameron on the potty this weekend and crouched down beside her...All I got was arms around my neck that were clinging for dear life. Poor girl. I REALLY hope I can get her potty trained before her sibling gets here in December. I would LOVE not to have 2 in diapers at the same time!

    1. Danae, my thoughts exactly! He has yet to pee on the toilet, but I have heard his grunts three days straight and we've made it to the toilet for #2 and he is just so proud..but it is defi itely not on his own accord yet.