Friday, October 26, 2012

The Great Pumpkin caper

Halloween is pretty non-existent over here. However, I did spot some ghosts and rubber Jason masks at Auchaun last weekend. Those must be marketed for us. The expats.

One of the moms in our complex has organized an email list of houses apartments that are willing to participate in handing out candy on Halloween night, and we plan to greet every little ghoul and boy with some candy "imported" from the USA. We hauled a large bag of mixed Butterfingers, 100 grands and Baby Ruth's back with us.

And then...

Someone opened the bag.

I'm not sayin' names or anything, but I know who it was.

I know her quite well.

We still have enough to hand out, but I have done irreversible damage to the bag. Sorry kids....instead of a handful, you'll get ONE. I'll be pretty militant about it. If there are any left over, I'm totally calling dibs.

Other than Halloween candy, my other favorite thing about fall is pumpkin everything. I love pumpkin pie sans crust. I'm a filling only kinda gal. And not too sweet. Which means, I usually end up making my own pie filling rather than buy the store bought stuff.

There are no freeway-side pumpkin patches with hayrides in this neck of the woods, so Sal's getting jipped on the whole first Halloween "let's -dress-him-up-in-a-bunny-costume-and-take-a-picture-at-the-patch" that we can blackmail him with when he's a teenager. I think he's okay with that..but mama is a bit sad she's missing out on taking him to Underwood Farms with his cousins this year. Thankfully, there are many many more Halloweens to come, and we will be home for them by the time he learns what's really up with the whole trick or treat thing.

While shopping at METRO last night, I asked NZ if I could buy a pumpkin.

He said , "yes", of course.

I planned on baking it today while Sal napped, but he got a hold of it while I was working hard at converting Fahrenheit to celcius so I could use our little toaster oven and it ended up becoming his morning entertainment. I got a sharpie out and drew on a jack o' lantern face and he rolled that sucker all over the house.

Squeals of delight, I tell you.

Cheap entertainment at its best.

Anything for My little pumpkin caper.

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