Thursday, October 18, 2012

California: weeee're baaaack

Here's a what-we-did-while-we-skipped-town-during-Golden-Week post full of photographs.
We went to the park and watched dad play softball.


heyyy batter batter

We hit the beach.


We saw a Dodger game (they won).

my boys in blue

We went to the zoo while dad went fishing.
at the zoo with grama Sandy & grampa Bob

We saw family. Lots of family.
grandma Valorie..those earrings look so---- grab-able. May I?

grama Sandy

great grandma Pat

meeting my great aunt Cindy for the 1st time

Sal started standing.
look mah!  I can stand!

We ate sushi. More times than I like to admit.

And mama shopped her heart out.
Target didn't know what hit it when I came through.
Puffs , candy and anchovies--priorities.

Sal's stash of formula
clothes from Auntie, grama and great grandma...
California, we'll miss you.

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  1. Target. Isn't it something special? California is lovely. I miss it, too. Though I'm considerably closer by plane and still in the U.S. with Target and sushi that won't make me sick. ;)

    Though you've totally got us beat on cheap noodles.