Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween

I should start this post off with a letter addressed to my son that would go something like this..

Dear Sal,
I am so sorry that mama did not have the means to make you a super awesome first Halloween costume, but I hope you understand. Mama does not have her sewing machine, and we were not expecting to have Halloween plans while living here. Therefore, your costume was made up from things we already owned --minus the little girl tights...Again, I'm sorry..Yes, at age 9 months, you wore a pair of girls tights.
I promise that once we return to the states, you and I will head down to Joann's fabric store in August, and you can pour through the catalogues of costume patterns...and I WILL make you any one you want. It will be fun. It will be our thing. Mama and Sal, picking out a pattern and fabric together. You can hold me to it, Just because I dressed you as.....

Yes, that's a red terry cloth bib you're wearing as your cape.
Yes, those are little girls tights mama scored for 2 RMB.
Yes, those are your shoes from Auntie Adele ( they finally fit!).
And yes, that's one of your gDiapers you're wearing as a Speedo over the tights.
We will probably draw on a 'stache, and put you in a long sleeve onesie ( oh the looks I'd get for taking a bare bellied boy out in 70 degree weather!), but I think it will still be cute.
Thanks for being such a good sport.
P.S. I promise not to bust these pictures out to show your prom date.


  1. There aren't enough words. That's freaking hilarious.

    I just showed my husband. Laughs all around. Makes me wish Benjamin wasn't a lion, but Anchorman or something.

    Creative points for sure, Brie. Nice work.

    1. Brandy, if you are on Pinterest, there are tons of DIY costume ideas with things one might already own..Clark kent, Dwight from the office, Sophia from golden girls...the list goes on.

      Btw-if we were in the states, Sal would probably be a cute little lion too.

      And anchorman? I gotta see this. b. has got to be Ron Burgandy one year, yes!

  2. Sal,
    I will keep a print out of this blogpost for when you come back to the states, I can give it to you for proof incase your mama forgets what she promised you! Auntie's got your back!


  3. So cute!!

    Let me get this straight:

    Bare baby bellies in public = bad.
    Bare baby bums in public = ok.

    Silly China!

  4. Absolutely perfect. Leave him shirtless!!

  5. So cute. Love it. And look at the standing. Such a big boy.