Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roadside Lunch

the weigh in
On Friday, NZ, his assistant and our driver were looking at equipment yards between here and Suzhou. At some point, they decided to take a lunch break.

They stopped at this little hole in the wall house off the side of the road. NZ says there was a little boy playing outside, and baby pools full of fish out front.


So, they go inside, and asked about the specialty.

Chicken ( surprise, surprise).

They cook the chicken, then make soup with the remnants.

This sounded good, so they ordered the house special.

Our driver gets up, and heads out ( NZ thinks he's going for a cigarette break).

Next thing he knows, our driver is coming back in with the cook, who is carrying a live chicken.

They take the chicken to a scale for a weigh in, to see how much lunch will cost.

The cook comes out fifteen minutes later with the most delicious lunch ( & freshest chicken) NZ had eaten all week.

In the States we have Lobster houses where you pick your dinner out of a live tank.

I suppose this would be considered a Chicken house.

What do you think? Marketable in the US?

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