Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweaters & socks

Fall has arrived in China.

Thank goodness!

That summer heat was NO joke.

Sweltering, I tell ya.

I whole heartedly welcome the cooler, slightly crisp mornings we've been having. In fact, I've even started running with Sal after NZ leaves for the office. I use the term "running"'s more of a run, jog, speed walk, gasp for air, flail my arms kind of outing..but I do it, and that's all that matters, right? I suit up in Capri leggings and a short sleeve T, and Sal usually sports a long sleeve onesie and some athletic pants. Perfect for the weather.

It's quickly become apparent to me, that Sal and I (and some of our expat friends) are the only ones who find this weather enjoyable.

Looking at any Chinese out and about, it's obvious they believe otherwise.

We're talking winter coats on adults, children in layers upon layers, and babies dressed up in fleece suits and covered with blankets.

Clearly, it's cold in their eyes.

So, as with anything here that's different, or out of the norm, we get stared at on our daily run. I get stares, glares, and even yelled at.

Why are they yelling at me?

Because Sal needs a sweater.

Yes, I've been flagged down more than once to be reprimanded for my child a) not wearing socks, and b) not wearing a jacket.

People, we're talking high 60's, low 70's here.

Not cold. Comfortable.

I usually charade back and forth ( or just keep running) that he is okay. He's not cold ( the sweaty nape of his neck seems to be sufficient evidence-my kid's a furnace), he's not going to get sick ( Chinese culture believes that cold weather makes one catch colds), and we're just fine without the unsolicited advice.

Most of the time I let the looks of disgust roll of my back, but every so often it really gets to me. I have to remind myself that this is just a cultural difference between us and them...and that neither way is wrong. Just different.

I can't wait to see what happens when true winter rolls around. I picture little Chinese boys and girls wobling around like the kid in "A Christmas Story", barely able to move in his/her snowsuit..all the while, we finally cave in and put sweaters on.

Cause you know, we don't want to catch a cold or anything.

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  1. I laughed at this. It sounds like every time we see my mother. Who lives in the same town, mind you, but who is a very firm believer in socks and coats. And although she is a nurse and knows medically this untruth but when it comes to MY children, she is convinced you can catch a cold from the cold. Every. Time. I go there she asks where Juliet's socks (hat, sweater, jacket ... ) are. It's 95 out Mom - I think we're good. But OH THE CELEBRATION when the girl has arrived in socks. Ignore it. I've been ignoring my mom for 5 years now. =) And just laugh when I come home and she's put her own socks on the kids.