Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look who's 2 months old!

What a month of growth! Sal no longer fits in any of his newborn clothing and is now officially wearing 3 month onesies and sleepers. We had to improvise on his "2 month" onesie since he outgrew the one my sister  had made him. If you look closely, I cut the iron on transfer out, and laid it on the onesie he is wearing. He's getting so big! 10lb, 5 oz at his most recent pediatrician visit.

This past month, he has rolled over ( accidentally, but it still totally counts!), started smiling, found his hands ( he LOVES his hands!) and his mouth has turned into a faucet..so.much.drool!

He also got his passport, went to a fishing trade show with his dad and grandpa, had his first park dates ( we went on one again today- with his cousins), and even made eyes for the little girl down the street. He was smitten by this older woman from first sight. It was hilarious. She had him smiling like never before.

Every day it's something new.

Can't wait to see what month 3 has in store for us!


  1. he is absolutely adorable/handsome in his shamrock leggings. That face...who could ever not smile at that face. Grama loves you Sal.
    Happy 2 months old.

  2. Sal,
    What a wonderful 2 months it has been. I love each and every moment spent with you.


  3. He is adorable! I love the babylegs, too!

  4. He is absolutely adorable Brie!!