Saturday, March 3, 2012

just another day in paradise

With a cross pacific move on our horizon, and my stay-at-home-awesomeness, I've been making an effort to squeeze in as much family time as I can get. Both sides of our family live close--although my side lives about an hour north of us in Santa Barbara.

visiting great granny Pat

I made the trip up to Santa Barbara last week, surprising my mah on her lunch hour, and visiting both my granny and my grams and gramps.
My sister and my cousin joined me over at grams house, as we wanted to keep her company, being that she just lost her brother and sister-in-law to a fatal collision last weekend. Sal got lots of lovin' and thanks to his shots the day before, was extra snuggly for everyone.

Sal with his 90 year-old great gramps
who was probably teaching him how to swear in italian

Sal and cousin Jared
wearing matching striped shirts-how cute!
Sal and great grams
grams in heaven, having 3 of her 4 grandchildren and 1 of  her 2 great grandsons with her

This truly was, just another day in paradise.

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