Friday, March 2, 2012

Diaper Duty

Ever since being pregnant with Denise, I have had moments where I think I'd like to use cloth diapers. I did a lot of research while pregnant with her, and my favorite ones were the hybrid g diapers. The ability to use the biodegradable flushable inserts while on the go, and the cloth soakers while at home really floated my boat.

photo property of Megandfamily

Fast forward a year or two, my sister-in-law was talking about how many diapers her little guy went through in a 24 hour period, and I was floored! I told her about g diapers, and she and her husband decided to try them out in an attempt to cut down ont he monthly diaper expense and save some landfill space.

Well, now that Sal has come along, I wanted to use the g diapers as well, but with the impending move overseas and my shocking discovery  new understanding that dryers are not commonplace in Chinese homes, I just couldn't see myself hanging diapers to dry. We'd be in a sea of soaker pads, and that's just not something that sounds appealing to me..Plus, if they aren't dry by the time I need one, we're going to be up $h!t creek, literally.

My ever so sweet SIL surprised me a few weeks ago by bringing over 6 g pants that her son had outgrown so that I could try them out. I ordered soaker pads from and was super excited when they arrived. I was getting to try g diapers out for the cost of the soaker pads! But, jump-the-gun me ordered the wrong size soakers. I ordered smalls, and the g diapers on loan are mediums.

What's a girl to do?

Jump online and buy a small g pant, of course! Most people would just exchange the smalls for mediums and wait for their child to grow into the next size up, but I just HAD to try them. I'm way too excited about cloth diapering, aren't I? So, I waited and waited for amazondotcom to deliver my size small Good Fortune Red g pants....and in the meantime,  a gift card for Babies R Us showed up on my doorstep from a well wisher. Being impatient, I headed to BRU on my way back from Santa Barbara yesterday and picked up a 2 pack of small gpants for my incredibly impatient self to!

Wouldn't you know, the amazon order was sitting on my doorstep when we got home.

And to top it off, we got super news yesterday when the landlord for our apartment in China agreed to install a washing machine/dryer combo for us. I didn't think he'd go for it, since we were told that they are not all that common over there...but he did! So yay! Thank you Mr. Landlord! I'm thinking maybe now, I can continue the use of the g pants over there. Of course I will have to purchase medium soaker pads, and some gpants, but I think the initial investment is worth it. 

I'm day two into g pant territory, and so far they've been relatively easy to use and change..and yes, I have already tackled my first poopy diaper, and it really wasn't so bad at all.

Right now, I have an arsenal of 6 soaker pads and 3 gpants. So long as the pants don't get soiled, I can manage 6 diaper changes in the g pants per day, and the rest will be disposable.

I've got a box of disposable diapers worth of money ( approx $34 plus a gift card) into this trial, but with 10-12 diaper changes a day, it's going to save me half the daily diaper changes. Economically speaking, it just makes sense. I already do a load of laundry every day, so it's not going to cost any more to wash them than we already pay for gas etc.
Rockin' his first gpants
And aren't they adorable?

To read more about g pants, check out this blog over at Meg and Fam. She breaks it down and has great answers to typical cloth diapering questions.


  1. oh my goodness, your baby is such a cutie patootie! Love that picture!

  2. Good for you! I could never do that but he does look adorable! I have a girlfriend that uses cloth diapers for her baby girl and loves them. Don't know what brand though.

  3. Yep, we're on our first disposable for the day, madeit from 5 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. In nothing but cloth. I' d say that's pretty good!

  4. This makes me wish I had done the cloth diapering thing! Boo. If there is another baby in my future I will definitely try the gdiapers out!

    1. I have been using cloth diapers for the past 4 years (started with Chloe and now Lucas) and it really is not that hard at all once you have the laundry routine down to pat and the right detergent to do the job (we tried every detergent under the sun before finding the one that works for us). I love the look of cloth diapers on babies... way cuter than disposables :)

      I am not familiar with g diapers but we use Flip diapers (made by CottonBabies) and absolutely love them (as a plus, the covers worked on both kiddos as they are a one-size, adjustable cover).

      And if you ever want to expand your cloth diaper addiction, some companies have cloth diaper trial programs: you try several different types of diapers for 3 weeks, keep the ones you like, send the ones you don't and get a refund for the one you don't. Here is a link if you are interested: