Monday, March 5, 2012

Donate or Trash? Store or Ship?

It's so hard to say goodbye...
It's started.

The list making. The sorting. The OohMyGawd we're really doing this. The boxes. And so goes the purging of  our belongings.

And I am realizing..sorting out a lifetime of belongings into one of four piles is difficult. I mean, the physical part of it is easy--open up a cupboard, and start pulling out the items. Ask yourself, Purge or Keep? and then subcategorize...Donate or trash? Ship, pack or storage?

Thankfully, neither NZ or I are pack rats. We're both pretty rational about getting rid of things that we just don't need or use anymore. Sentimentalness doesn't run in this family.

Or so I thought.

Until I found myself tackling our linen closet, knowing very well that I was going to have to part ways with my duvet covers...and with the closing of the closet doors, and a pile on the floor, I realized that I was actually a bit sentimental about getting rid of them.

Seriously, duvet covers. Of all things to be attached to...

I have a bit of a linen love affair. Really, I do. It's under much better control now that I am married, but in my single days, I spent my extra hard earned money on duvet covers. My favorite one was a cherry print one from Pottery barn. I saved up for that one, and the day I put it on my bed was one of the best, ever..You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!

And now it's time to fold up my cherry print duvet and put a price tag on it.

Yep, that's right.

The duvet covers did not make the pack or ship or storage piles..Which means that hopefully someone will see them at our garage sale and decide that they NEED them, just as I once did.


  1. You should try selling them on ebay you will get so much more money for them!

  2. Thanks for my "new" duvet sissy! I love it!